68彩票网注册Make your meals and money go further by using every last bit of the food you buy to create delicious dishes the whole family will love. By reducing the amount of food you throw away, the average family of 4 could save up to £60 per month! Plus, it’s good for the planet! For more information on how much you could save visit the website.

It’s shocking how much food we throw away. Plus it’s taking its toll on the environment. Saving food helps to slow down global warming and cuts down unnecessary packaging waste. Here are a few facts:

24 million

slices of bread thrown away each day, the same weight as Wimbledon’s Centre Court roof.


1. None of our food waste goes to landfill

2. All of our UK stores donate ambient food products to charities via FareShare, our national redistribution partner

68彩票网注册3. So far in 2017, we have donated 112 tonnes of food to FareShare – the equivalent of over 266,000 meals for vulnerable people

4. Since 2015, a number of our Irish stores donate food direct to local charities via FoodCloud

68彩票网注册5. Since 2015, we have had a partnership with Company 68彩票网注册 with the aim of helping our suppliers to save surplus from going to waste and instead redirecting this to benefit disadvantaged communities

68彩票网注册6. Since the start of our partnership with Company 68彩票网注册, we have helped suppliers prevent 1602 tonnes of surplus going to waste, which is the equivalent of over 3.7 million meals


68彩票网注册In line with our commitment under Courtauld 2025, we will help to:

1. Reduce food waste in the UK by a fifth per person

2. Reduce the associated environmental impacts of food waste per person by 20%

3. Improve water stewardship

68彩票网注册4. Double the amount of food redistributed by 2020, using a 2015 baseline

68彩票网注册For more information about Courtauld 2025


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