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Let’s say cheers to the New Year

How about something new for the New Year? Rather than give up drinking for the month, try a refreshing new low-calorie cocktail or swap to one of our finest vegan wines from our award-winning range.

Refreshing January spirits

68彩票网注册Try some of our super refreshing spirits this January. They won’t ruin your diet and they’ll taste amazing.

  • Try a taste of organic
  • From sparkling classics to fruity reds, our award-winning organic wines offer all sorts of new textures and flavours to discover. And with no added sulphites, chemicals or pesticides, the pure taste of the grape shines through.

Take a look at our award winners

We’re so proud of the many awards and commendations that Aldi wines and spirits have won over the years. Here’s a few of our favourite award winners.

Fresh New Year cocktails 

Tantalise your taste buds this January with some really refreshing cocktails. Like this classic Tom Collins or a Gin, Lime and Cucumber Cooler. Both packed full of freshness and guaranteed to excite your palate.